Posted by Paul Lassiter

Flowers, Tradition and Connections to Who We Are.

17 January 2020

Flowers, Tradition and Connections to Who We Are.

As we were preparing for this season of growing we took a moment to rest and fell into stories of springs past. My grandmother shared her vivid memory, of as a young child being taken into her grandmother’s flower garden by her aunt to dig a shallow hole and line this hole with grass. Her memory seemed to be as much about the smell of those spring hyacinths and her connection to her aunt and grandmother, as it was for the excitement and expectation of what this mysterious creature “an Easter Bunny” might place in this nest she had created.

Growing up I had always wondered about the plastic grass that managed to escape its basket that appeared in our living room every spring. I can see in this bunny nest building activity a connection to an Easter Egg hunt as well. I really enjoy the simple connection that a family member can make with a child and perhaps plant something that will grow into a lifelong sense of who they are, their traditions, and connection to the natural world. Now I see a hint of the seeds of the modern tradition of the Easter Basket, but feel that steps were left out. I wonder how my grandmother might be different without that experience…I wonder how I might be.

Feel free to share this around. I’d love to see comments sharing your traditions or memories of the way Easter or even the start of spring was celebrated prior to the commercialization of this and virtually all holidays.

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