Posted by Paul Lassiter

Carbohydrates in fresh veg

17 January 2020

To make informed choices facts are key

In a given week we encounter a myriad of people, many of them exploring food, culture and themselves. We certainly enjoy the resulting discussion around these important topics, thou in a market setting we rarely have the ability to dive as deeply as we'd like. We've noticed that even those of us with the most knowledge in a particular area sometimes get things wrong. When it comes to diet and how fresh veg can and should be incorporated into some of the modern diet trends and lifestyles the lack of a nutritional label can leave us with questions. Questions that are often answered by passing on some really great and arguably healthful produce that is compatible with.

Recently I was in a class presented by a medical doctor whose practice focuses on positive health changes through diet. In this class a, an attendant scoffed at the idea of eating turnips. Not that she didn't like them, but that they were nothing but "balls of carbs". Our instructor didn't know what to say. Not that she didn't have the encyclopedic knowledge to spout, but in the moment was unable to speak to the specific incorrect assertion. For the record, a medium turnip (100 grams) has a glycemic load of 2 (anything below 10 is considered low) and has net carbs of 4.6 grams.

We've put together a quick chart to help anyone interested in scrutinizing carbohydrates in fresh vegetables that they might find at an area farmers market. All data is based on a 100 gram serving for easy comparison and sourced from the USDA's website.