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Lost Weekend Farms, what began as a snarky reference to how we used spend our spare time and now all of our time... is a collection of fields and a small orchard and a few muscadine vines nestled in Neely's Bend, just north east of Nashville. As we've always enjoyed being connected to tradition and heritage by growing, picking and preserving, our semi-urban farm has become our outlet for exploring seasonal eating, biodiversity, politics, and environmental health.

Limited Time

Seasonal Highlights


We love our microgreens. Nutrient loaded and packed for travel like everything in the COVID era. We enjoy these on everything from avocado toast to zucchini breakfast hash.

Mustards to tatsoi. Kale to rutabaga tops. The season is ripe with healthful and delicious cooking greens. 

Fresh Herbs

There’s nothing like fresh herbs to elevate your Covid cuisine. Right now we’re picking oregano, French sorrel, mint, and thyme.

Why no microgreens?

Sorry y'all. We love our microgreens as much as you, but when we learned about a shortage of a critical component required by both our microgreen production as well as all of our fall transplant crops we had to make some choices. We are pressing "pause" on microgreens until we have a path forward to grow our fall crops.

The Good Life Box

Our commitment to the more important things, making deliberate choices in how we live and the impacts that we have

Sold Out - Thanks Everyone!

Thanks for hanging in there with us through the crummy weather. We'll be back at market this week with the first cut on some of our tunnel protected lettuce mix and the first few heads of gorgeous butter lettuce. Mamaw said "when snow hangs around it's waiting for more". We're always watching the weather close this time of year. We can't have frozen water and wash our produce, we also can't have our produce freeze on our market tables. See y'all soon.

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Unless it's raining  storming we're probably in the field or at a market, so shoot us an email, text message or leave us a message.

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Lost Weekend Farms

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If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.
- J.R.R. Tolkien