A special note regarding availability of our produce and social distancing.
Please note: We are offering pick up on farm as well as at the Richland Park Farmers Market, however, we are bracing to see if Metro Nashville moves to close city parks to be in line with Governor Lee's executive order to close all state parks. If this happens order pickup will revert back to on farm for the same day and times as the previously scheduled market. We will let affected customers know via email if this is something that happens. Thank you for understanding the uncertainty that all us farms are dealing with regarding access to our market place.
Agricultural endeavors are considered essential services, but not with out necessary changes. Our winter market took a couple of weeks off to put together a plan in conjunction with Metro Parks and implement it. These changes focus on avoiding what has been seen at farmers markets in some other states where crowds unnecessarily form and proper social distancing isn't practiced. Tents are now spaced at approximately 40 feet apart with marks to indicate line spacing, table cloths replaced with non porous surfaces, and lots of gloves and sanitizer.

That brings us to the subject of on-farm sales and our new procedures at farmers markets. We no longer make displays of beautiful bounty but take pre orders. We'll need you to shop our website and we'll harvest and pack what you select for our next available pick up window Saturdays at Richland Park and Wednesdays on farm.

*Bags (single use), yes we hate them too, but for right now we think that they have a role to play and aid in social distancing and unnecessary contact. 

Lost Weekend Farms, what began as a snarky reference to how we typically spend our spare time, is a collection of fields and a small orchard and vineyard nestled in Neely's Bend, just north east of Nashville. As we've always enjoyed being connected to tradition and heritage by growing, picking and preserving, our semi-urban farm has become our outlet for exploring seasonal eating, biodiversity, politics, and environmental health.


CNG farmers don’t use any synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. CNG livestock are raised mostly on pasture and with space for freedom of movement. Feed must be grown without synthetic inputs or genetically modified seeds. There is, of course, much more to it than that. One of our favorite aspects of the program is the transparency of the certification process. The records of each farm's certification documents are available for public review on the cngfarming.org website. There is peer review to promote community and information exchange between farms. Each year each participating farm is peer inspected often by a fellow CNG or Organic farmer. For more info on the program head over to http://www.cngfarming.org/

Come see us at these farmers markets: 

East Nashville Farmers Market - Tuesdays 3:30 to 6:30 (May - Oct)
Hip Donelson Farmers Market - Fridays 4 to 7 (May - Oct)
Richland Park Farmers Market - Saturdays - 9 to 12:30 (May - Nov)
Richland Park Farmers Market (winter hours) - Saturdays - 10 to Noon (Dec - April)


We each grew up around backyard orchards and gardens and have been producing for ourselves and friends for 15 years before our ambition outpaced our growing space (yard). Now we are reviving some of the area's best growing land that has been farmed by family on and off for the better part of a century. We are committed to natural growing methods and reintroducing older open-pollinated crops that have roots in Tennessee or adjacent regions. Look for us at Nashville area farmers markets.
We are bringing many types of fresh produce and farm products to market as well as cornmeal.
We grow the way we do because it is the right way to manage the land and the crops - not just for marketing purposes. We are the stewards of this land and eat from this land - we don't sell anything that we wouldn't feed our own families. Just plain good nourishment.