Never had I thought this could be this simple. The first time I started in this direction I followed a method that started with fresh ginger, lemon grass, Kaffir* k-lime or Makrut Leaves, Thai hot chilies and serrano peppers and went on from there. Now I keep a jar of Thai curry paste at the ready – sometimes commercial sometimes my own, but either way it makes the soup as simple as assembling broth, curry paste and elective ingredients over heat.

I’ve now done versions with coconut milk and found it to be a fantastic platform for making fresh from the garden additions. Cilantro is a must, but Swiss chard, carrots, mushrooms, spinach, bok choy, mizuna, even precooked sweet potato…sometimes we add seafood or rice noodles. The noodles are added dry to the finished soup after it has been taken up as they will soften almost instantly in the hot broth.

It turns out that as this unique lime has become more widely available, it was saddled with a name that if we knew more about we likely wouldn’t use it. Why the Name ‘Kaffir Lime’ Is Wildly Offensive to Many