Use the chart below to get a sense of our crop mix and the seasonality that we generally expect.








Arugula Arugula Arugula Arugula Arugula Arugula Arugula
Beets Beets Carrots Cucumbers Bok Choy Beets Beets
Bok Choy Carrots Cucumber Eggplant Eggplant Bok Choy Bok Choy
Cabbage Cucumber Eggplant Garlic Green Beans Carrots Carrots
Carrots Garlic Garlic Head Lettuce Kale Eggplant Cauliflower
Garlic Scapes Green Onions Green Onions Herbs Komatsuna Green Beans Green Beans
Green Garlic Head Lettuce Head Lettuce Jalapeño Lettuce Kale Kale
Green Onions Herbs Herbs Microgreens Microgreens Lettuce Lettuce
Herbs Kale Jalapeño New Zealand Spinach New Zealand Spinach Microgreens Microgreens
Kale Komatsuna Kale Okra Okra Mustards Mustards
Leeks Leeks Komatsuna Peppers Peppers Okra Okra
Lettuce Lettuce Mix Leeks Squash Power Greens Peppers Peppers
Microgreens Microgreens Microgreens Tomatoes - Slicers Squash Power Greens Power Greens
Potatoes Okra NZ Spinach Tomatoes - Snackers Tomatoes - Slicers Radishes Radishes
Power Greens Potatoes Okra Zucchini Tomatoes - Snackers Salad Turnips Salad Turnips
Radishes Radishes Peppers   Turnips Turnips
Salad Turnips Red Spring Onions Potatoes    
Swiss Chard Squash Squash    
  Swiss Chard Tomatoes - Slicers    
  Tomatoes - Slicers Tomatoes - Snackers    
  Tomatoes - Snackers Zucchini