This box is our commitment to the more important things in life, making deliberate choices in how we live and the impacts that we have in our community. Each box is considered appropriate for a family of 2-4, however individual lifestyle will account for differing mileage. Shares usually include 7-10 types of fruits, vegetables, herbs and featured items. Below is a view of what our harvest mix looked like by month in past seasons. This is to give an idea of how seasonality will affect the CSA boxes as well as an indication of the product depth we offer to our subscribers. 2020 goals include adding more fresh herbs, spring cauliflower, cabbages and to make greens a bigger part of our offerings.







BeetsBroccoliCarrotsCrowder PeasBok ChoyBok Choy
Bok ChoyCarrotsCucumberGarlic - FreshCorn GritsCorn Grits
Corn GritsCucumberEggplantGreen BeansCrowder PeasCrowder Peas
Garlic ScapesGarlic - FreshGarlicHead LettuceGreen BeansKale
Green GarlicGreen BeansGreen BeansJalapeñoEggplantGreen Beans
Green OnionsGreen OnionsHead LettuceLemongrass Lemongrass Okra
HerbsHead LettuceJalapeñoOkraOkraSalad Turnips
KaleHerbsKalePearsPearsTomatoes - Slicers
Kale FloretsKaleLambs QuartersPeppers Peppers Tomatoes - Snackers
Lambs QuartersLeeksLeeksPotatoes Potatoes Winter Squash
LeeksLettuce MixOkraTomatoes - SlicersPower GreensPeppers
LettuceOkraPeppers Tomatoes - SnackersKalePower Greens
Power GreensPotatoesPotatoes EggplantSalad TurnipsEggplant
PotatoesRadishesSquash SquashLettuce
RadishesRed Spring Onions Tomatoes - Slicers Tomatoes - SlicersTurnips
SpinachSquashTomatoes - Snackers Tomatoes - SnackersSweet Potatoes
Salad TurnipsSugar SnapsNZ Spinach   
Sugar SnapsSwiss ChardZucchini   
Swiss ChardTomatoes - Slicers    
 Tomatoes - Snackers    
A big part of why we do what we are doing is to get people thinking (including ourselves) more about the seasonality, processes and sources that affect the foods we encounter and eat every day. By being at the market every week we can share a lot with regard to seasonal eating and growing. Through your commitment to our weekly box you click right into being at that market and in the mindset of seasonal eating.
We offer first choice of our produce to our subscribers but also shine a spotlight on other local producers. Occasionally we'll include another farm product like a loaf of sourdough bread made from organic grains, jams, jellies, fresh ground corn grits from our farm or one of our favorite local producers. 
We want chemical free, fresh and local to be as available as possible to anyone who values eating well and supporting our local food scene. This is why we have pickup points in East Nashville, Donelson, and West Nashville.


Our 2020 CSA starts at $25 a share (our aim is to get each member about $31 of value per half bushel). The spring/summer session is set to start early May and carry on for 24 weeks until mid October (specific dates defined by location and schedule).
For 2020, our fall CSA season is on hiatus.
Full Share - $600
Half Share - $350 
Our Full Share is a half bushel farm basket provided each week whereas the Half Share is a half bushel farm basket provided every two weeks.


Madison - Special Note for folks that have been part of our program in Madison. We have a special option for you watch your inbox for a note with details.
East Nashville - Tuesday at the East Nashville Farmers Market - SOLD OUT - if you are a returning member or someone that we spoke with recently that wants this please message us
Donelson - Friday at the Hip Donelson Community Farmers Market - SOLD OUT - if you are a returning member or someone that we spoke with recently that wants this please message us
West Nashville - Saturday at the Richland Park Farmers Market - SOLD OUT - if you are a returning member or someone that we spoke with recently that wants this please message us