We’ve been kinda bummed lately. With all the face covering and social distancing in place we can’t really do a big part of our mission:  talking to folks about food. One of the aspects that brought us into what we do is talking and sharing ideas around food, culture, and sustainability and that has been severely curtailed. This season, I expect, may bring a different interest in simple meal prep, food storage and even preserving. We plan to share some of our approaches to these topics through our CSA email list but also our website and social media platforms and we encourage you to do so too. If you make something that inspires tell us about it.

For years folks have encouraged us to publish some of our recipes, but that didn’t make sense as there are so many recipe sites that are pretty good. And besides, I don’t cook that way. By a recipe I mean. Generally I think in terms of the type of ingredients that I have on hand and leverage that with whatever else is readily available. Then I think about technique and go from there. So yeah, I’m not really a recipe writer.

But in the times we’re in I need somewhere that I can point to and say I’ve got some information that I approve of on the subjects of particular ingredients, technique, preserving…

Photos above include a few weeknight meals and some longer form projects. There are simple salads toped with watermelon radish, crumpets with raspberry preserves, miso glazed and smoked salmon, lion’s mane “crab” cakes, a breakfast sandwich, chile crusted coconut and sweet potato bites, whole wheat sourdough tortillas, farm hash, fermented cornbread and white bean with heritage chicken stew. Also photographed is a creation from Brightside Bakery that featured some of our delicata squash and some olive and spinach loaf from Pharmakultur.

Pickles – not just cucumbers

This page is a work in progress, as this is a large subject and I feel that some info is better than no info… Succinctly, pickling is a process of adding shelf life to food,…

Chile Peppers

Seared Shishito peppers with corn grits topped with fresh tomato and red onion. Whether whipping up a quick table sauce from grilled serrano chiles or fire roasting whole green chiles to peel and use for…

Basil and Tomatoes

This time of year the simpler the better. Fresh living foods need very little to shine. Besides the occasional blistering of cherry tomatoes on a grill pan for inclusion in a pasta dish or with…


This is a broad topic. I make no attempt to cover all aspects of the preservation of seasonal produce, but I will offer some thoughts and link to resources that I’ve found valuable. Food safety,…


One of my favorite ingredients. I say this about a lot of things, but it’s true. Whenever you encounter an ingredient that is truly at its best it is a joy to work with and…

Garlic Scapes

One of the mysterious inclusions in many CSA boxes. What does this “scape” plant look like and what other flavors is it available in? Scape – /skāp/ noun1. BOTANYa long, leafless flower stalk coming directly…

Eat Your Greens

If you’ve bought our beets, you’ve probably heard me ask “And you eat the tops, right?” So many people toss the best parts of so

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What we're eating

Crop Storage

Storage of produce. For the home cook the question usually becomes the question “Should I refrigerate or not?”, but it’s a little more complicated than

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What we're eating

Tortillas, Pikelets, Crumpets, and English Muffins

Almost every sourdough method I’m aware of from the ones I caught casual glimpses and mutterings of from relatives’s kitchens as a child to some of the more scholarly writing on the subject that dogmatically mandate a ritual sacrifice of starter for various stated reasons.

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What we're eating

Sourdough Bread

We eat a lot of sourdough, the only bread we eat was naturally leavened by Pharmakulur, Lillian St. Bread, Forest Creek Farm, or in our

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Lemongrass, is one of our favorite seasoning crops. Great to use fresh, dried, or frozen. All this winter we’ve been making tea with just lemongrass

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Thai inspired soup

Never had I thought this could be this simple. The first time I started in this direction I followed a method that started with fresh

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